Third meeting in Paris

The third six months meeting of SAFEFISHDISH was hosted by CITPPM in Paris, France, from 17 to 18 January 2017. Eleven researchers from eight research institutes, university and industry attended this meeting.

Ifremer and ONIRIS have selected four protective bacteria (PB) among a collection of 36 strains, based on seven criteria including antimicrobial activity, alteration potential, resistance to chitosan coating and superchilling process, cross inhibition, biogenic amines production (histamine, tyramine) and antibiotic resistance. Three of them have been tested in combination with chitosan on fresh cod and salmon by PRIMEX, MATIS and NOFIMA, with promising results for one of the bacteria in cod. Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes was also observed with chitosan coating both on skin and flesh of cod.
A preliminary study of the quality of marinated salmon (Gravlax) and smoked-salmon packed under vacuum or modified atmosphere during the storage was also performed. Microbial (classical and NGS), sensory and chemical (volatiles) are measured and results will be treated in the next period.